Truth be told, it's been quite a while since I've updated my site with new content. The thing is, it was intentional. I realize that sounds crazy, but quite frankly, I was just too damn busy. Between my corporate gig, the best two little dudes around, KGP portraits and KT&CO weddings -- I was tapped out.

As the inquiries continued to pour in, I found myself unable to say "no". So, I put the blogging on hold for a while, which is the break I needed from the Google inquiries (stagnant website content = poor SEO = low on the totem pole of website searches), and focused my portrait efforts on my AMAZING legacy clients and their referrals. It's been the perfect balance over the past three years.


And now, it's time for the facelift. I have grown. My work has evolved and I want my site to reflect who I am now as both a person+artist.

One thing I've come to know about myself? I struggle with perfectionism. I really do not know how to do things half-way. The words "good enough" do not sit well with me. This can be great in a lot of aspects of life, but it can hinder you others. I heard a quote the other day in a continuing ed seminar for my corporate gig and it was:

Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good.

Wow. WOW. That resonated deeply with me and I'm trying to incorporate in this all areas of my life. You know, like hitting "publish" on this site and putting it out into the universe. :)

So here we go. Enjoy. xo