I not only had the honor of photographing their wedding, but now Sara+Rick have given me five years of photographing this sweet girl's birthdays. I already loved when Sara told me that they were going to dress up for this year's portraits, but when I first saw these girls in their dresses and Rick in his suit, I knew this session was going to rock.

And it did.

Olivia, I love your smile and your full-of-life personality (isn't that how every five year old should be?). Rick, I smile every time you are with your family as I can feel how much love and adoration you have for them both. And, Sara, my sweet Sara! Your smile lights up everything around you and your BIG laughs had me giggling to myself the entire time I was editing your session. You guys, I love your love.

And, finally, kudos to Rick for taking the best picture of the evening. Hint: it's the last image.


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dad and daughter dressed up family photography
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